Time to shift your thinking
Professor Maggie Atkinson

Inspiring from the front of the room, from the speaker’s space, matters. But so does being tuned in, and making it clear you are. Without breaching the hierarchies that exist – and they always do, and they’re necessary - knowing when to say thanks, how to express that thanks, how to read whether people are coping or drowning.

Anthony Douglas CBE

I see all staff as leaders. I try to inspire others by sharing risk with them, by valuing what they do and not just what I do, and by trying to practice me+you=us as a leadership culture. Some of our strongest programmes have come out of conversations in team meetings and from the most unlikely people.

Dr Ed Wickins

Leadership means change, and change is difficult, it takes courage. It’s much easier to let things run as they always have. A good leader recognises the need to rattle cages and stir it up occasionally, and notably has the courage to go ahead and do it.

Ann Baxter

Its important for me to feel I'm making a difference. I know it's a cliche, but that's the reason why we choose to work in public services. I have absolutely no regrets. If I was beginning my career today I would choose to do the same thing. To know that something has changed someone's life for the better, and that I've had something to do with it, is a great feeling.

Neil Schneider

Great ideas come from everywhere in the organisation. Its the leader's job to show that you are prepared to listen to them, and hear them.

The biggest misperception people at work have about me is that I have more academic qualifications than I do. I ignored the advice to get a degree and started my career as an apprentice housing manager.

Debbie Sorkin

One of the greatest pleasures of being in a particular field for a number of years is you get to know about it, and feel you have something useful to say. In my case, it's leadership - both within and across organisations - with a focus on health and social care.

Jo Cleary was Chair when I became Chief Executive of the Skills Academy. She was excellent; supportive and exacting in equal measure. Without realising it, I was being coached into the role. I was Chief Exec anyway, but became a much better one thanks to her.

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