Time to shift your thinking
To think, or not to think…

Hey, slow down….is your workplace a “no thinking zone“? When we are stressed, exhausted or distracted we

It’s ok to say “No”!

How much of your time is spent seeing things from other people’s point of view? Do you find yourself, like me, a willing helicopter parent for grown up children, patiently caring for very elderly relatives, being a proactive member of the workplace and struggling to manage everything else in between? Agreeing with everyone, being amenable…

Compassion is good for you

By extending kindness, patience and curiosity to all you meet you make your community a better place, which in turn benefits you and those you care for. That much should be obvious, but how can you play it into your workplace, and crucially how can you keep it authentic? The chronic power stress associated with…

Scale the Dawn Wall of your workplace

Some problems are so complex that you have to be highly intelligent and well informed just to be undecided about them” Laurence J Peter. Do we place undue stress upon ourselves and others at home and work by believing there is a right answer to everything if only we could find it? By assuming every…

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