Time to shift
your thinking?

Do you recognise yourself?

When you think about your leadership – how do you feel?
When you think about your staff – what goes through your mind? 

Do you believe that you could have more impact - or that your team could add more value? Are you getting the most out of your followers? And is your organisation getting the best out of you?

Are you ready to shift your thinking?

Leadership coaching for your organisation

Add value to your team, build their resilience.
Increase their agility and strength.

Leadership coaching for you

Optimise your impact, develop your skills.
Increase your value at work.

“We continue to work with Julia to shift our thinking. The reflective space and challenge she creates for my leadership team is helping us achieve our ambitions for the organisation and the people we serve.” 

Ian Thomas - Strategic Director of Children and Young People's Services - Rotherham Borough Council.


Why might you want to work with a leadership coach?
Well, there are many reasons. All of them valid.

You may need help to work through a certain situation.
You may be finding a particular person hard to work with.

Your job may present extreme challenges in one form or another. Or you may be feeling restless and ready to work towards your next role… 

 “I feel better and refreshed after each session and know this has had
an impact on my development and management of myself.”

Aisha - Head of Family Support Services.

Expert thinking

Do you struggle to find the time to reflect on your situation? To imagine how your working days and weeks might look – if only you had the time and the headspace to think clearly? You’re not alone.

I’ve spoken to thought leaders and industry trailblazers who've shared their leadership journeys with me.


 “You helped me to reflect on my options and focus on what I really wanted to achieve.”
Dan - Corporate Director, Children and Family Services.


Moving forward,
looking ahead

The blog

A space to think, a place to learn – with regular news, opinion, developments and insights.

Visit the blog for thoughts and inspiration

 “Julia’s techniques are practical, useful and easily applied to work situations.”
Anna - Clinical Nutritionist.