Time to shift your thinking

There’s nothing wrong with you!

That’s right, forget all the New Year, New You stuff that’s everywhere you look just now, and stop stressing about the new year resolutions you’ll make and break within weeks. You don’t need transforming, no-one does. 

Instead try taking some time to reflect on what it is that nourishes you, what makes you strong and happy, and work out how you can fit more of it into your life. Similarly, what depletes you? What drains your energy and makes you unhappy? Is it possible to do less of it, or maybe do it differently or with a different attitude?

2016 can be the year you begin to nurture yourself and those around you by focussing on your wellbeing and happiness, by connecting with people, being active and taking notice of what’s around you and how you and others are feeling.

Think about making one or two sustainable changes that could make you happier. Decide what to do, and write it down as an intention, not an expectation. If by Spring you haven’t made the changes you intended, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, reflect on the reasons why you wanted to make the changes in the first place then re-set your intention. Think about your motivation too, how making the changes will benefit you and others. Re-setting your intention and motivation will, over time, strengthen them and support the change to happen.

With all good wishes for a happy, mindful and nourishing 2016.

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