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It’s September… Happy New Year!

Despite not having taught in school for almost twenty years now, I still can’t get past the feeling of a new year and new beginnings come September. That sense of anticipation, hope and excitement….hair cut, new shoes, re-stocked pencil case. January, with its post Christmas bloat and punitive resolutions doesn’t come anywhere near in terms of promise for me.

So as you pick yourself up after what I hope has been an eventful and sun shiney Summer, pack away the barbecue and shake out your work suit, can I suggest you forget January resolutions this year and try a couple of these habit changers now instead?

  • take time to live mindfully in the present;
  • say thank you, and mean it;
  • set the alarm half an hour early 2 or 3 mornings a week and take off for a brisk walk or jog before getting ready for the day;
  • aim for one random act of kindness a day;
  • take a lunch break;
  • talk and think less about what you and others are doing, and focus instead on how you are feeling.

May you go into this new year confident and excited about the positive difference you can make for your community, your colleagues, your family, friends and yourself. By facing life with curiosity, compassion and anticipation you will be ready to accept all that it offers.

Happy New Year!

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