Why it works

We all have the capacity to be a better version of ourselves, both at home and at work. We can all be happier, no matter how senior our position or busy our lives.  So why does leadership coaching work?

Leadership coaching gives you permission to face difficult or frustrating situations in a safe space and with support.

Leadership coaching adds ‘oxygen’ to your conversations, enabling you to see and think clearly about your situation.

Leadership coaching provides a space, where you can look at your situation and reflect on your impact in the workplace and on those around you.

I work to focus each conversation we have together on the truth of your situation. I help you to talk about what’s happening to you in a way that’s relevant and effective in promoting change.

I’m an informed and empathic listener for people like you who are in senior positions and who are expected to listen to everyone else.

I’m there for you. To support, nudge and challenge you to identify what needs to change – and why.


Each of our sessions will be conducted in the context of your working situation, ensuring our conversational tone remains respectful and professional.

Our dynamic will focus on action and change - whether to remove yourself from a negative situation, or to elevate you to a more positive position.

Working with another person, a person who is external to your organisation, is an essential part of allowing changes to take place. It enables both growth and development.

Because I work in a way that focuses on action, you’ll see and feel the changes happening – and know it’s working. I draw on a wide range of leadership coaching tools and techniques that encourage changes to take root at a deep level.

 “I found the session very useful and very emotional! I was exhausted afterwards. I have already had many thoughts about the points we discussed and how I might take myself forward”
Nancy - Director of Nursing.

I offer an honest, challenging and supportive framework for you to work and grow within.

The framework will feel safe and be confidential and yet be charged with a positive energy – and human compassion.


Leadership coaching enables you to face difficult or frustrating situations in a safe space and with support. It adds oxygen to your conversations, allowing you to see and think clearly.

 “Thank you so much for your time, patience and the reflective practice (and challenge) you have brought to our time together.”
Joe - Corporate Director, Children and Family Services.

Make a step change, realise your potential

Coaching allows all the thoughts and feelings inside your head to calm down. It enables you to find peace and to be able to fully realise your potential, both at work and at home

Leadership coaching for your organisation

Add value to your team, build their resilience.
Increase their agility and strength.

Leadership coaching for you

Optimise your impact, develop your skills.
Increase your value at work.