How it works

Are you at a crossroads in your career? Are you wondering where to go next?
Coaching can help you to work through a number of different situations, both positive and negative.

Do you aspire for more in your leadership career? Do you want to learn about yourself and become an even better leader?

Are you feeling positive and optimistic and enjoying what you do? Perhaps you want to move up the career ladder and see what more you could achieve?

Leadership coaching can help you to develop your aspirations and achieve your ambitions, enabling you to break through and enjoy even greater success.

Are you leading a dysfunctional team or have people raised questions about your leadership behaviours? Are you struggling to lead authentically in the face of constant change?

Are you finding it hard to achieve what you want to at work, either because of the role you’re in, the external pressures you face or the people you work with?

Leadership coaching can help you to reframe your situation, establish what you want to do to change - and support you to effect that change.


Are you ready to become a better and more fulfilled leader?

“Julia’s belief in my personal strength enabled me to continue to believe in myself.“
Richard- Corporate Director, Public Services.

Julia conducts her coaching sessions through a series of positive and supportive conversations. The conversations take place in a face-to-face setting or by phone over a period of time, creating space for thought and reflection. 

An initial session focuses on what you hope to achieve through leadership coaching.

As the sessions progress, you’ll begin to reflect on your situation – and clarify what you need to change in order to achieve your goals.

“In simple terms, coaching gives you permission to find out about yourself.”


Each conversation will allow you to listen to yourself, without judgment and without feelings of overwhelm. In this safe space and through this supported vulnerability comes the strength to see and own your own situation.

The leadership coaching process will give you the courage and strength to move forward and change your self-limiting behaviours and patterns.

“Each session, each conversation we have together is tailored to you. There is no fixed model – no set way of working. This means that whether you’re a visual or a strategic thinker, we can draw from my range of professional tools and techniques to work through each stage of the coaching process. It’s a bespoke and flexible way of working that’s overwhelmingly positive. It isn’t touchy-feely by any means – but it is down to earth and it does work. 100% of my clients come back to me for additional sessions.” 

“During a specifically stressful period Julia's calm and supportive manner was particularly valuable and enabled me to keep on track and not get into a negative cycle of thinking.”
James - Director, People's Services.

Leadership coaching for your organisation

Add value to your team, build their resilience.
Increase their agility and strength.

Leadership coaching for you

Optimise your impact, develop your skills.
Increase your value at work.