Celebrate good times, come on!

Are you tasked with leading your team through fundamental culture shift to inform performance and productivity?

Are you heading up long haul transformational change?

Well, to succeed, be sure to acknowledge the power of gradual progress and take time to recognise small wins. Yes, pace is important and you need to get things moving, but if you want your team to stay with you focus on the little day to day successes.

Think you do that already?

What about your interventions at work (and this plays across to home aswell). Do they consist mainly of catalysts – actions and suggestions that directly support and help the work; or inhibitors – interventions that fail to support, or even directly hinder the work?

What about recent events in your workplace. Did these happenings act as nourishers – were they shows of respect or encouragement; or did they act as toxins – by discouraging or undermining.

Generally speaking catalysts and inhibitors tend to be directed at projects, “the work”, whilst nourishers and toxins are directed at people.

As a leader whose interventions act as catalysts and nourishers you will create and sustain a sense of incremental progress, which in turn will inspire and encourage your team. Small wins, and equally small losses, have a surprisingly powerful impact at individual level*.

Remember to notice your team’s (and your family’s/friends’/neighbour’s) small achievements and celebrate them, authentically and meaningfully.

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